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Mann und Frau mit Bier in der Hand
The Brewery

Our brewery is an urban, modern and open-minded brewery and focuses on cultural commitment and sustainability. Time-Out-Index’s “50 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World” considered the Ottakringer Brauerei GmbH to be “The city’s last big brewery, this is fast becoming Vienna’s cultural hotspot”.

Männer stoßen vor Mähdrescher mit Bierkrügen an

Committed to sustainable value creation

Ingredients and packaging are responsible for the majority of CO2 emissions. As part of Ottakringer Brewery’s sustainability strategy, the primary goal is to continuously reduce CO2 emissions.

Ottakringer stands for a responsible approach to the alcoholic beverage beer. In the future, we want to continue to place greater emphasis on enjoyment and moderate consumption. We attach great importance to the circular economy. Our aim is to give preference to all packaging materials with recycled content. This is not just a matter of ensuring that our packaging is recyclable, but also of actually using recycled materials and thus being a pioneer and trailblazer for a functioning circular economy in Austria and the European Union.

Ottakringer Brauereigebäude

The use of natural resources like water, barley and hops is part of producing beer. Possible negative consequences of this use include loss of biodiversity due to monocultures and conventional agriculture. Therefore, our goal is to use more organic ingredients in our products and to continue to support small-scale agriculture. We put emphasis on regionality regarding the purchase of resources, for example with our project “Wiener Braugerste” (barley from Vienna).

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