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Thinking ahead for generations has consequences for all our company’s decisions regarding investments, location, innovations, and in particular, environmental impacts. As a family business, we can also meet the increasing demand for regional products due to our location in the heart of Vienna.

It is important to us to use regional products while also considering nature and the environment at the same time. By working mostly with regional producers and suppliers for procuring barley and hops, we support small-scale agriculture in Austria and maintain our partnerships due to excellent quality. 54% of the tonnage of agricultural resources which are used to produce organic beer were cultivated in Austria. In the future, we want to support small-scale Austrian agriculture even more and expand our organic product range.

Cuisine, art and culture

The Ottakringer brewery is Vienna’s oldest and Austria’s most urban brewery. Our motto – urban, open-minded and modern – is the reason why we have opened our doors to guests, friends, visitors and fans and rent out parts of our area as extraordinary event locations. The Ottakringer brewery and the Ottakringer BrauWerk are innovative venues with around 250,000 visitors each year at events, guided tours, seminars, tastings, or for training at our company’s own university. Our event location received the Austrian ecolabel thanks to working sustainably and resource-friendly. Therefore, our events can be labeled as “Green Meetings” or “Green Events”. The criterion for this label is to work sustainably, which includes traveling eco-friendly, using regional catering and avoiding waste at events.

Using resources responsibly

Our production uses resources responsibly, which includes preferring a circular economy, minimizing shrinkage and production defects and counteracting deviations by corrective and preventive measures. Our inventories are continuously regulated to ensure timely deliveries to retail, restaurants and bars in order to guarantee consumption before the date of minimum durability. This way, we can minimize waste to an inevitable minimum. SDG 12 “Nachhaltiger Konsum und Produktion” (responsible consumption and production) serves as our guideline.
We share our thoughts and philosophy with our customers and want to encourage them to act sustainably as well. Part of our brand includes measures that raise awareness concerning collecting and recycling. Sustainable consumption includes minimizing food waste above all, which is why our dates of minimum durability and our packaging (guaranteeing near residue-free emptying) ensure just that.

The Ottakringer brewery is part of the international “jede Dose zählt” (“every can counts”) initiative, to raise awareness for collecting and recycling aluminum cans. At the end of 2018, we started to print the initiative’s logo on all our cans as part of a design relaunch.

Drinking responsibly

The Ottakringer brand stands for responsible and moderate consumption of beer and craft beer. We have taken action to live up to our responsibility with, for example, the launch of our “Null Komma Josef” back in 1991, which was the first non-alcoholic beer in Austria. In 2020, we expanded our non-alcoholic segment by launching the first non-alcoholic “Radler” (shandy) with lemon and mint. In addition to our “Ottakringer Citrus Radler” (our shandy with citrus lemonade), we produce a different shandy each year.
The Ottakringer Brauerei GmbH avoids advertising for minors and promotes responsible drinking. Our aim has always been to promote enjoying our beers and to address people over the age of 18. There is an age verification on our website since 2020 as well as an age limit of 18 years for our prize draws to express this commitment. This way, the legal minimum drinking age of 16 is deliberately raised by two years. Additionally, drinking responsibly is part of all our workshops and seminars offered to B2B customers and everyone interested. We focus on quality and enjoying beer and pass on the appreciation and recognition for it to participants. This way, our aim – to win new customers and partners for our workshops and seminars – also helps with raising awareness for responsible drinking.

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