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Environment and climate protection

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Guiding principles

We focus on avoiding carbon emissions and on circular economy without compromise within the scope of our actions. Offering reusable packaging is not just a burden, but an honest purpose of our company. We regularly screen our supply chains and value transparent procurement, accurate working conditions and short transportation routes. We evaluate our suppliers based on sustainability criteria and this way, want to encourage them to act sustainably. We work together continuously to implement our sustainability goals and develop new objectives.

Energy management

Electricity is an essential energy source when producing beer. The carbon footprint can be reduced to a minimum due to using solely “green electricity” according to Austria’s environmental guideline UZ 46; yet, saving electricity is still very important to us. Positive as well as negative effects led to the result that, even though sales volume decreased, the indicator electricity per filling quantity has remained nearly the same. Positive factors included a higher percentage in bulk containers and improvements in control technology; smaller batch sizes had a negative impact. In absolute terms, the amount of electricity decreased, corresponding with smaller production volume.

In 2022, intelligent hall lighting was installed in large parts of the warehouses to reduce electricity consumption.
In 2023, the implementation of a PV system to generate its own electricity on parts of the warehouses, bottling facility and event building is being planned and implemented.

Packaging and recycling

High risks in the environmental sector include packaging materials such as PET and aluminum. To take these risks into account, we ensure a high collection and recycling rate thanks to ARA AG, and we also take action ourselves. Reuse and recycling are top priorities for the Ottakringer brewery. Over the last few years, we were able to reduce package weight significantly and use new recycling applications concerning foil and paper. Since 2022, only labels made from 100% recycled paper have been used for reusable and disposable bottles.

We put emphasis on minimal use of resources, recyclability, a high number of rotations and the best quality. About 70% of the aluminum used for Ottakringer beer cans is recycled. In the spring of 2021, another important milestone regarding the promotion of reusable packaging was set with the implementation of the “NRW bottle”, widely used in Austria, instead of using Ottakringer’s 0.5l Schulterflasche (“shoulder bottle”). With the use of the same bottles all over Austria, we contribute to a circular economy.

Additionally, the costs for transportation and post-production of sorted-out individual bottles as well as reusable bottles which were not returned decrease. The segment for reusable bottles is strengthened even more due to the new “Bio-Zwickl” and the revival of the “Ottakringer Pils” in reusable 0.5l bottles. “Reusable beer bottles have become less important over the last few years, especially in Vienna. The Ottakringer brewery, as part of the city, wants to contribute to a trend reversal regarding reusable packaging and for that, we are prepared to stop using our individual bottles and to use the collective “NRW bottle pool” in the future instead, for the sake of the environment” -Tobias Frank, managing director, Ottakringer Brauerei GmbH

Environmental management

Climate protection and environmental aspects are very important to us and are taken into account when developing new products. Therefore, lifespan, circular economy, as well as impacts concerning our climate, are considered in particular.
The Ottakringer Brewery carries out regular energy audits. Since 2021, Ottakringer Brauerei GmbH has implemented environmental management certification in accordance with ISO 14001 and energy management certification in accordance with ISO 50001.

Waste management: generating resources from waste

Ottakringer disposes of the most modern concepts regarding waste management. Separating residuals is our top priority; spent grain and beer yeast are used as fodder in agriculture. The amount of commercial waste also depends on the number of events that take place at the brewery. The more events, the higher the additional amount of commercial waste.

Mobility and logistics management

At the end of 2020, we had 8 electric cars in our fleet, which account for 6% of our total stock; we have an additional 3 small electric vans in use in the Ottakringer Brauerei GmbH. Due to reducing kilometers by car, there was a decline in carbon emissions. Commercial vehicles are handled separately and in 2021, more electric cars will be added to our fleet.

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