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For over 30 years, Josh Davis has expressed his passion, taste, and values through the music
he creates as DJ Shadow. The name alone evokes a high watermark for instrumental hip-hop
and composition. From his first masterpiece Endtroducing…, to the genre-hopping UNKLE
release Psyence Fiction, to the otherworldly elegance of The Private Press and its iconic single
“Six Days,” to his underrated Bay Area celebration The Outsider, his work in the ‘90s and first
decade of the 2000s is as essential as it is hard-to-pin-down. In the 2010s, Shadow released
the sprawling The Less You Know, the Better, with its muscular forays into rock music, and
closed the decade with The Mountain Will Fall and Our Pathetic Age, both very ambitious,
risk-taking albums that boasted some of his best rap collaborations by working with Run the
Jewels, Nas, and De La Soul, among others. If there’s a single red thread across this career, it’s
his restless ear, always searching to rescue some forgotten gem from the dustbin of music
history or a fresh blast of sound from the cutting edge.
It’s a practice Shadow learned as a young boy, enamored with collecting comic books, baseball
cards, 12-inch records, and precious songs captured to cassette from the radio airwaves late at
night in northern California. With great seriousness and love, he will describe the second-hand
transistor AM radio on which he first heard Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The
Message,” when he was 10 years old. Or his mind-expanding encounter with Public Enemy’s
“Rebel Without a Pause” and that single’s howling saxophone blast. At the heart of DJ Shadow’s
musical project is deep listening. “I’m always trying to please or impress the most advanced
listener,” he says. The type of aficionado who will respect the layers upon layers of synth that
went into making a sound that can’t be readily identified but will make you want to share the
track with a friend and say, “This part right here.”

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