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The Ottakringer Beer Variety

Quality and Variety in series

Our Helles is in honorable company

With over 180 years of brewing history, our beer variety has something to offer for all tastes and preferences. There is always something new to find!

In search of variety, organic quality, or simply excellent beer consumption, you should definitely look left and right the next time you go beer shopping. While our Helles has already won gold at the World Beer Awards, its companions are also regularly awarded with prizes. So, if you’re in the mood for an excellent Austrian lager, choose our Helles from the reusable bottle. If you’d rather think outside the bottle for a change – in terms of quality, you’ll always get your money’s worth with our beer variety.

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Ottakringer Wiener Original

Its 100-year-old recipe certainly helped earn the title “Wiener Original” which is no easy task. But our original Vienna Lager has done it anyways – with the finest Viennese malting barley, cultivated exclusively for our Original in cooperation with local farmers. Furthermore, the love for the city can also be tasted. The Wiener Original charms with a nutty note and a flavor that transcends into an elegant malt aroma. No wonder it took gold at the World Beer Awards 2019!

Ottakringer Bio-Zwickl

A beer that tastes like a freshly mown flower meadow in a deposit bottle. This is what we had in mind when brewing our Bio-Zwickl and this is also what it delivers upon the first opening. In the glass, its bright, golden-yellow color looks like the sun itself is shining in it. Your beer experience doesn’t get any more natural than that! All the ingredients for our Bio-Zwickl stem from certified organic farming. What’s better than a full-bodied, fruity initial taste and a soft-creamy mouthfeel? That’s what we call organic quality.

Ottakringer Dunkles

Any beer can shine like gold. But showing up at the Austrian Beer Challenge AND the World Beer Awards 2019 in elegant dark brown color shades and leaving with gold requires commitment. Our Dunkles is there for you when you’re in desperate need of a change. Its description alone will get you weak in the knees: Roasted aromas. Chocolatey upon the first sip. A hint of cocoa and coffee. This is what happens when the master brewer puts all his heart and soul into an extraordinary taste experience. Delivering a special tip: Together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the Dunkles replaces the affogato dessert. Additionally, you can even use it to enhance the sauce of roast pork.

We have a wide range of excellent beers and brew the right beer for every taste and drinking occasion! High quality standards, as well as carefully selected raw materials from the region characterize all our beer specialties, including our Bio-Zwickl, Wiener Original and the multiple award-winning Dunkles.

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