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Our wide range of indoor areas and large outside area in front of the brewery provide room for a wide range of events, such as private celebrations and corporate events to exhibitions, photo shoots and video shoots.

Open to anything

The uses of the outside area are just as diverse as the events that take place on our brewery premises. For example, the commencing of an event (e.g. a pre-wedding meal or a punch reception to kick off a Christmas party). The outside area can also be a permanent element of the event (e.g. the food corner at an indoor trade fair, such as Fesch Market). The outside area can also be used as a completely independent event area (such as at the Ottakringer Fesitval of BeerCulture or the Food Truck Festival). 

Extended uses of the outside area

The outside area is connected to all indoor event rooms due to the historical structure and can therefore be ideally combined with all other options. Depending on the space requirements and the event concept, the Hopfenboden, Gerstenboden, Gold Fassl Magazin, Hefeboden or Alte Technik are available to be added. 

Book the outside area

Would you like to find out more about the outside area? Are you interested in the other, countless options that our brewery premises offer or would you like to visit our location beforehand? Please contact our event team.

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Location booking

Private party, corporate event or clubbing - we have the right location with the right equipment for your event. Our in-house organization team will also be happy to help you with your preparations.

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