Video shoots

Commercial videos, music videos, advertisement shoots or private photo shoots - our brewery provides different and unconventional settings and motifs with its architectural structures and rooms.

Past examples range from shoots for WKO, for example, to TV formats such as "Denk mit Kultur" (ORF III) and "Hat’s gschmeckt" (W24) but also small film crews like to visit our brewery from time to time.

Room recommendations for video shoots

You can choose from the full range of our locations. Hopfenboden, Gerstenboden, Gold Fassl Magazin, Alte Technik and Hefeboden are usually always available, however many additional indoor and outdoor areas of the brewery can also be rented.

Contact for video and photo shoots

Would you like more information about the countless photo and video shooting options that our brewery premises offer or would you like to visit our location beforehand? Please contact our event team.