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Size: 1x5L Fass
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That’s how it tastes: Everyone stops at a red light – whether at the traffic light or at your favorite pub. Freshly tapped, Ottakringer Red Zwickl glows a naturally cloudy red from the glass. The flavor profile is reminiscent of sweet pastries, a bit like caramel. The creamy mouthfeel is accompanied by malt and fruity yeast notes. The Red Zwickl is available exclusively in the restaurant trade – but tastes all the better there freshly tapped.

Who likes it: All those who are looking for a very special taste experience. Everyone who likes to try something new. And everyone who has already tried it. Like Conrad Seidl, for example, who named the Red Zwickl the “top innovation of the year” in his beer guide after its introduction in 2001.

Where to taste it: Red Zwickl is available exclusively in the restaurant trade. Freshly tapped and served in your local pub or in a good restaurant. Simply where you prefer to enjoy it.

Current best before date: 11.06.23

Alcohol content (vol.)
Original Gravity
Product details
Calorific value per 100ml 184 kj / 44 kcal
Ingredients Water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, hop extract, yeast
Allergens Gluten
Additional information Contains gluten, lactose free, vegan
5L Fass
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