Ottakringer Pils

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Elegant flavour! Our Ottakringer Pils was the first of its kind in Austria, and is a classic as far as bitter beer is concerned! Brewed in accordance with the Pilsner tradition at 11 degrees of original gravity, the aromatic hops and Pilsner malt type give our Pils the characteristic intensive aroma and light colour. Brewed from soft, full-bodied water from our brewery well, Ottakringer Pils provides an invigorating taste!

Alcohol content (vol.)
Original Gravity
Product details
Calorific value per 100ml 167 kj / 40 kcal
Ingredients Water, barley malt, hops, hop extract
Allergens Gluten
Additional information Contains gluten, lactose-free, vegan
0,5L Mehrweg
World Beer Awards 2023
World Beer Awards 2022
World Beer Awards 2020
Austrian Beer Challenge 2019
Brussels Beer Challenge 2018
World Beer Awards 2018
European Beer Star 2016
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