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Ottakringer Null Komma Josef

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If it has to be an alcohol-free, make it a Null Komma Josef from Ottakringer! There are many good reasons to drink alcohol-free beer: Whether it is driving, working or playing sports. Since 1991, no one has had to go without their beloved beer. Because Null Komma Josef is not only Austria’s first alcohol-free beer, but also the beeriest of all. Thanks to a brewing process that is unique in this country, it has a fresh and full-bodied taste. Or as they say: One hundred percent flavour. Alcohol content: less than 0.5 % vol. Original gravity: 6.2°

< 0.5%
Alcohol content (vol.)
Original Gravity
Product details
Calorific value per 100ml 96 kj / 23 kcal
Ingredients Water, barley malt, hops, hop extract
Allergens Gluten
Additional information Contains gluten, lactose-free, vegan
0,5 L Mehrweg
0,5 L
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