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Beer is known to make more beautiful: from the inside and now also from the outside! CRAFT BEER NATURAL ORGANIC SHAMPOO CRRRRÄFTIG!

For firm, strong hair with BIO hemp protein and hop extract, burdock root and Craft Beer from Austria. Enriched with natural caffeine, the shampoo bar promotes hair growth and gives healthy, shiny hair. Organic broccoli seed oil and avocado oil as well as organic shea butter and castor oil round out the feel-good experience. Organic essential oils nourish the scalp and provide a fresh, clean scent. The organic broccoli seed oil and avocado oil give your hair elasticity, the hair scales on the hair shaft are closed, so the hair becomes more resistant without silicones, and shines healthy. Squalane prevents the hair from flying, and organic burdock root strengthens the hair root. One shampoo bar is as economical as 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo and completely biodegradable. Plastic-free wrapped in recycled paper, you can ideally transport your lightweight shampoo without it leaking.

Application: Either lather the Shampoobar in your hand or stroke it a few times over damp hair- Lather with both hands- the Shampoobar lathers like regular shampoo- and rinse out- No acid rinse is needed.

Put the Shampoobar always dry on a loofah pad, and do not leave in the water, then you can enjoy it longer.

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