Ottakringer Bio Pur

Enjoy the taste of beer, and benefit the environment too! Our premium light beer has been created using high-quality ingredients that all come from controlled, organic cultivation. Our modern organic beer has a pleasantly, distinctive bitterness, meanwhile the yeasty notes leave a fruity impression behind on the palate. An all-around successful beer composition! Marked with the seal of the “Austria Bio Guarantee” and the “EU Bio” logo. Alcohol content: 5.2 % by vol. Original gravity: 11.8°

Alcohol content (vol.)
Original Gravity
Product details
Calorific value per 100ml 180 kj / 43 kcal
Ingredients Water, barley malt*, wheat malt*, hops*
Allergens Gluten
Additional information Contains gluten, lactose-free, AT-BIO-301* from organic farming
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