The company

The Ottakringer Brewery is the last remaining large Viennese brewery, and also one of the last large, independent breweries in Austria. This independence is extremely important to us as a family-run company. Our approximately 150 employees do everything in their power to keep it that way. The most important keys to our success are high-quality products, a wide variety of beers and our hunger for life, which has become our trademark.

Brewing into the 21st century

We have been using the recipe for success for 180 years: It begins with the purest spring water from our in-house well refined by the brewmaster, continues with the finest hops and barley and turned into an exquisite final product of highest quality. Every single step to reach these high-quality products is carried out with heart, sould and dedication by our employees. This ranges from selecting raw material to the ingenious brewing process itself.

Today, the Ottakringer Brewery presents itself as a friendly, modern and cosmopolitan brewery. In the last few years, a great deal of investments have been made in order to transform the brewery site into one of the top event locations in the city.

History of the Ottakringer Brewery

Uprisings, flotations, escape and brave innovations - there is a lot to tell about the brewery. Take a look at more than 180 years of history and learn everything about the roots of the last large Viennese brewery.

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Numbers and facts

The Ottakringer Brewery employs around 180 people, brews 490,000 hectolitres of beer per year and achieved a turnover of about 80 million Euros in 2018. Further information on numbers and facts here.

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Ottakringer Group

The Ottakringer Group is and remains an independent Austrian family-run company which defines financial success as solid and sustainable growth. The company's goal is to create lasting value rather than maximise short-term profits. As far as the environment is concerned, this long-term way of thinking and acting affects the here and now but more importantly future generations.

Ottakringer Getränke AG

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All facts in the company brochure

Because we find it completely understandable that not every Ottakringer fan wants to click through half of the Internet with great pleasure, we have put together this comprehensive company brochure which contains all of the important facts in a compact form. Enjoy reading it!

The language of the company brochure is German.