Would you like to know where Europe’s best beer was brewed in 2016, which Austrian brewery was the first to be awarded the AMA quality label, or which beer has received the Austria Bio guarantee? The answers to these questions can be found at the Ottakringer Brewery. Or here: 

2 x GOLD & 1 x BRONZE at the Austrian Beer Challenge 2019

At the "Austrian Beer Challenge 2019", the Ottakringer Brewery has once again received some shining awards: Ottakringer beers won two gold and one bronze medals at the annual National Brewery and Home Brewery Championships.

For the third time in a row, the Ottakringer Gold Fassl Spezial has won GOLD and the State Champion title in the category "Export and Festival Beers".

The Ottakringer Dunkles, a repeatedly international award-winning beer, was also awarded with GOLD and the title of State Champion in the category "Lagerbiere Dunkel".

The Ottakringer Pils was awarded BRONZE in the category "Pils".

Eight gold medals at the World Beer Awards 2019

At the World Beer Awards 2019 in London, a total of eight beers from the Ottakringer Brewery and the Ottakringer BrauWerk were awarded gold. They can now call themselves "Country Winners", meaning the best Austrian beer in their category.

These are our award winners: 

Awarded at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2018

The 2018 success story continues. At the most recent participation in an international beer competition, the Brussels Beer Challenge, we won three medals. We were awarded silver for our Gold Fassl Pils and our Porter 'Black&Proud' from Ottakringer BrauWerk. Our classic, Ottakringer Helles, was awarded bronze.

As the first professional beer competition in Belgium, the Brussels Beer Challenge was launched in 2012. Since then, the competition has stood for high-quality and innovative products which inspire both, experienced and unexperienced beer drinkers. 

Dark beer, gold medal

Our master brewers Tobias and Silvan proudly present the award of the European Beer Star (EBS) 2018. With our Ottakringer BrauWerk Porter we were able to win the gold medal and take it home to Ottakring. Now we are officially eligible to call ourselves the brewery with the best Porter in Europe.

After the successes of the last years in the course of the EBS this is a particularly big honour. Organized by the Association of Private Breweries, it is considered the toughest and most important beer competition in the world. This year it took place for the fifteenth time, with a record participation of 2,344 beers. The international jury evaluates purely on the basis of sensory criteria and only awards special, authentic beers that are convincing in taste and best meet the variety criteria.

Ottakringer is "Brewery of the Year 2018"

The Ottakringer Brewery did not only win 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals at the Austrian Beer Challenge 2018 in Baden, but was also named "Brewery of the Year"!

These are our winners:

Gold | Gold Fassl Spezial   
Gold |
Brauwerk Hausmarke 1: Blond         
Gold | 
Brauwerk Hausmarke 2: Session IPA 
Silber | Ottakringer Helles
Bronze | Brauwerk Hausmarke 3: Porter            

Austria Country Winner at the World Beer Awards

At the World Beer Awards in London in August 2018, the Ottakringer Brewery was honoured with four gold medals as "Austria Country Winner" and one silver medal!
Ottakringer Helles, Gold Fassl Dunkles, Hausmarke #1 Blond and Hausmarke #3 Porter by Brauwerk were awarded gold. With our Gold Fassl Pils we were able to win the silver medal.
At the annual World Beer Awards, the world's best beer varieties are tasted, judged and selected by an independent jury of experts from Europe, the USA and Asia.

Bronze medal for "Gold Fassl Dunkles"

This year Ottakringer was again awarded at one of the most important beer competitions in the world: The "Gold Fassl Dunkles" was awarded at the "European Beer Star 2017" with a bronze medal in the category 'European-Style Dark'. An impressive success considering the fact that 2,151 different beers from 46 countries were submitted to the European Beer Star in 2017.

The "European Beer Star" competition of private breweries has existed for 14 years. During this time it has become one of the most desired prizes in the international brewing world. A 133-strong international jury from 26 countries judged colour, smell, taste and aroma profiles in a blind tasting. The three best beers in 60 categories were awarded gold, silver and bronze. The award was presented at the drinktec beverage trade fair in Munich.

3x Gold and 1x Bronze at the Austrian Beer Challenge 2017!

At the annual Austrian Beer Challenge, the national championship of breweries and home brewers, the beers that were entered were blind tasted by an expert jury of 60, consisting of beer sommeliers, brewermasters and beer keepers. More than 240 beers from Austrian breweries were degusted in 14 categories. The Ottakringer Brewery won the jury's favour over in four categories and can now call itself a three-time national champion!

In the “Light lager beers and light Munich beers” category, our Helles was the winner among the 30 entries, and the Gold Fassl Spezial was also voted the national champion in the “Export and Festival Beer” category. Our Wiener Original was voted the best in the “Viennese Lager” class, and the Hausmarke 3 – Porter from the brewery achieved third place in the “Stouts and Porter” class.

Europe’s best beer comes from Ottakring!

2016 was the year of the 16er! Europe’s most challenging international beer competition, the “European Beer Star”, presented our brewery with a top award that previously had never been achieved in Austrian beer history. 

We succeeded in winning medals with four of our beers, two of which were for the Helles and Pils beer categories, which are the most important in this country. 

In 2016, Ottakringer officially brewed the best Märzenbier (March beer) in the world! With the Gold Fassl Dunkles and Hausmarke 3: We also won two silver medals with the Porter.

Our Medal Winners:

Award-winning craft beer

The Meiningers International Craft Beer Award, one of the biggest international beer tasting competitions, took place in 2017 with more than 970 beers from 28 countries. The best beers were presented with medals by a jury of 90. Among these was the “Blond”, the Belgian Style Ale from our in-house creative brewery, Brauwerk, which won a silver medal.

Austrian Environment Award

Federal minister Elisabeth Köstinger awared 42 sustainably operating businesses and organisations with the Austrian/European Environment Award in April 2018. The Ottakringer Brewery as an event location was awarded with the Austrian environment symbol because of its sustainable and resource-protecting operation. As a consequence, the brewery is authorized to carry out events as "Green Meetings" or "Green Events". Matters of sustainability are taken into consideration - from environmentally friendly transport to regional catering and waste reduction during the events.

Distinctive quality

On 20th February 2008, Ottakringer was Austria’s first brewery to be awarded the AMA quality label, recognising its endavours to achieve the best quality and authenticity in brewing. Brewing takes place in accordance with the German purity law (Reinheitsgebot) with the purest of spring water from the company’s own 100 meter deep well, and with the finest malt and hops.

We have brewed our Gold Fassl Pur since 2010. The ingredients of our organic beer are all high quality and originate from the same controlled, organic source. Therefore, the Gold Fassl Pur was awarded the seal of the Austrian Bio Guarantee and the EU Bio logo.