Ottakringer G'mischtes

G'mischtes Dose 0,5 l_336x652.png

Light and dark, blissfully united. The advantages of light and dark Ottakringer beer are combined in the G’mischtes to create a balanced, elegant beer. The maroon colour gives an indication of the hint of delicate bitter chocolate. The fine hop aroma of the slightly malty, but not too sweet note of the dark beer plays around the palate and completes this balanced mixed beer.

Alcohol content: 5.1 % by vol. Original gravity: 11.8°

Our food recommendation

Hearty roasts and stews as well as traditional desserts
  • Beverage cans
    • 0,5 l

Product details

  • Type of beerMix from Helles & Dunkles
  • Energy per 100ml 176 kj / 42 kcal
  • IngredientsWater, barley malt, hops, hop extract
  • AllergensBarley malt
  • Additional informationContains gluten, lactose-free, vegan