Session IPA

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For sailors & fine motorists! Hoppy-harsh pleasure at any time of day, mangomaracuja & lychee greet the nose, intense bitterness delights the body. Small in alcohol, big in impression, our session IPA, the big easiness in liquid form.

Wonderfully fruity, mango, passion fruit, lychee, elderberry. Strongly hopped, dry and slim. Light for more enjoyment.

Our awards:
Gold, World Beer Awards 2019


Alcohol content: 4.3 % by vol.
Original gravity: 10.5°

Our food recommendation

Spicy curries and pasta, Saté, Raita & Tikka
  • Beverage cans
    • 0,33 l

Product details

  • Type of beerSession IPA
  • IngredientsWater, barley, oat
  • Additional informationContains gluten, lactose-free