Ottakringer Bio Zwickl


Our food recommendation

Fried fish, full-flavoured cheese, hearty roasts and stews
  • Bottle
    • 0,5 l returnable
  • Barrels
    • 20 l
    • 50 l

Product details

  • Type of beer<p>Our Ottakringer Zwickl is an unfiltered beer enjoyment. It is naturally cloudy, creamy, refreshingly mild, and straight from the barrel. Soon, our employees realised the exceptional features of this beer. During “Zwickln”, which means tasting the unfiltered beer straight from the Zwickl tap. In 1984, Ottakringer was the first large urban brewery to introduce this particular beer speciality to the market. An innovation that beer enthusiasts are enjoying up to this day! No wonders, since the naturally cloudy elements with their soft, rounded flavours make the Zwickl something special - simply an incomparable taste experience.</p> <p>Our awards:<br /> <strong>Gold</strong>, World Beer Awards 2019</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Alcohol content: 5.2 % by vol. Original gravity: 12.2°</strong></p>
  • Energy per 100ml 184 kj / 44 kcal
  • IngredientsWater, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, hop extract, yeast
  • AllergensBarley malt, wheat malt
  • Additional informationContains gluten, lactose-free, vegan