Gold Fassl Spezial


The speciality of the house. Gold Fassl Spezial gives you that special beer enjoyment: Brewed in accordance with old brewing tradition, the traditional Viennese malt and carefully selected special malts give the beer its delicate hint of caramel. Refined with a balanced hop bitterness, it is a full-bodied, hearty and palatable beer. A harmonious composition!

Our awards:
Gold, Austrian Beer Challenge 2019
Gold, Austrian Beer Challenge 2018
Gold, Austrian Beer Challenge 2017


Alcohol content: 5.6 % by vol. Original gravity: 12.7°

Our food recommendation

Cooked fish, fresh seafood & fine poultry
  • Bottle
    • 0,33 l returnable
  • Barrels
    • 30 l
    • 50 l

Product details

  • Type of beerEuropean Style Export
  • Energy per 100ml 192 kj / 46 kcal
  • IngredientsWater, barley malt, hops, hop extract
  • AllergensBarley malt
  • Additional informationContains gluten, lactose-free, vegan